Share your rural service-learning or rural social entrepreneurship experience
The aim of this questionnaire developed by Rural 3.0 Knowledge Alliance is to create knowledge on rural service-learning and rural social entrepreneurship that can be adopted in European countries and to provide a repository of the best practices that can be implemented in universities and rural organizations around Europe. It should take you no more than 10 minutes to fill in this questionnaire.
Please, remember to mention:
  1. name and type of the rural organization and higher education institution that were partners in this experience
  2. country
  3. number of students who participated, their academic degree and academic discipline
  4. service objectives
  5. learning objectives
  6. areas of service and the number of final beneficiaries
  7. if Rural Service-Learning or Rural Social Entrepreneurship were implemented as a part of the course, summer/winter school (i.e. residential program), if experience was obligatory or elective element, etc.